We can't thank you enough for traveling such a long distance and incurring the costs that result. We promise that once you arrive in Sayulita, it will be well worth all the vacation days, planning and sacrifice!


Flights arrive daily to Puerto Vallarta (PVR). It is important to note that this time of year is high season for travel to Sayulita, so we highly recommend booking your flights ASAP. Bryan & Jackie will be in Sayulita starting Tuesday April 2 - Sunday April 7. We understand that not everyone will be able to join us for the entire week but a weekend in Sayulita is well worth the travel.

Some tips from us:

The best days of the week to purchase airline tickets are Tuesday and Wednesday AM—typically yielding the cheapest fares. Southwest, American and United as well as AeroMexico fly to Puerto Vallarta. I encourage everyone to get a Southwest credit card. They will give you 50,000 points when you sign up, which is two free round trip tickets to Puerto Vallarta.

Time Zone:
Sayulita is conveniently located in the Central Time Zone.


Please make sure those passports are renewed! For flights to and from international destinations, including Mexico, government regulations require the use of a passport for entry into, and exit from the United States for U.S. Citizens as well as foreign visitors. For more information on acquiring and renewing your passports: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel.html

When you Arrive in Mexico:
You will receive a tourist visa to enter Mexico. Your flight attendants will give you the forms to fill out on the plane, and you will receive a stamp on it after you go through customs. It's very important that you keep this little piece of paper for the duration of your stay - you will need it to get out of the country! Please don't let it stray far from your passport.

When you get off of the plane in PV, here is what to expect:
1. Pick up your luggage. (There is a place to exchange money here if you need.)

2. Go through security check point and customs. Mexico has a push-button system. If you get a green light, you proceed through. If the light is red, they will quickly search your bags.

3. After customs, you will go down a hallway full of people trying to sell you a timeshare, offer you tequila and offering you taxi rides. Feel free to accept a drink but don't book your taxi with them

4. Proceed to your planned transportation below!

From Airport to Sayulita

Car Service
For the less intrepid traveler, car service is a great and convenient way to get to Sayulita. The driver will meet you at the airport at your arrival time, provide bottled water and beer for the drive, and will stop for up to an hour at a grocery store for you to pick up supplies for your stay in Sayulita. It's great to be able to take advantage of the large Mexican superstores (ie Mega) near the airport to pick up snacks, alcohol, bottled water other cooking supplies.
- The easiest way to book a car service is through your hotel or condo/villa rental, they are very knowledgeable and helpful. You should expect to pay around $130 USD for the round trip, they charge this no matter if there is 1 guest or 7, which is their max. $95 USD for one-way from airport to Sayulita.
- Our recommended car service is Jose Ramos Taxi Services book at this email marijoseramos@yahoo.com.mx and indicate the following: Tinajero Wedding, your name, flight number, arrival time, and where you are staying. Once everyone has their travels booked we can try to coordinate those who are coming on the same flights to share shuttles.
We recommend taking a cab from the airport, because it's easy, fast, and reasonably priced. You can get a cab at the taxi kiosk stand just outside the airport doors and pay about $650 pesos ($50USD), or you can easily walk across the highway via a pedestrian footbridge and get a cab for just $400 pesos ($30 USD). For the return trip, there are always plenty of drivers waiting in the main town plaza.

Rental Car
We don't recommend getting a rental car. Sayulita is a very small town, parking is sparse, and you will likely prefer to walk everywhere you go. If you do decide that you want to rent a car because you will be travelling to other areas in Mexico, we suggest that you make arrangements in advance from home. (e.g. Hertz, Enterprise, Budget)


Sayulita Bay is approximately 2 miles long, with the north and south ends divided by a river. The south side of the beach is closer to the town (and restaurants and bars), so it's more active and a bit louder. The north end of the beach is more beautiful and serene, yet is only a 10 minute walk to town. The wedding will take place at Hacienda Antigua in a town call San Pancho.

The most popular types of accommodations in Sayulita are private villas and condos. There are no large resorts in Sayulita, but there are a few boutique hotels (see below). Due to the fact that April is a popular travel time for Sayulita, it is important to book EARLY. (How early? Basically now.) We are here to help! We have already done a lot of research for you, so we are happy to help coordinate homes, groups, bookings and answer questions. We can assure that there is something for every preference and budget. As an idea, booking a villa as a group could save more money than staying 2-4 people in a room in the boutique hotel.

Bryan & Jackie will be staying at the venue Hacienda Antigua.

All villa rentals can be found & booked through the website www.sayulitalife.com. These villas are typically owned by Americans or Europeans so communication will most likely be in English. Simply enter the dates you'd like to travel, number of bedrooms, and search away!

A few villas/casitas that look amazing:

Boutique Hotels:
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Stacey Meacham