Last Minute Updates!

Any last minute changes or directions to the events will be held here! Be sure to check this out often leading up to the wedding and especially when you're in Sayulita!

one day left!!! Please wash your hands thoroughly every chance you get!! See you all tonight at la rustica.

Hi Bride to Be and Guests
We’re really excited that we’ll be seeing you all in Sayulita for your wedding in the next few weeks. Before we get there, we have some news we’d like to share. There has been a gastro virus going around Sayulita, possibly a Norovirus (Winter stomach flu). It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, and nausea, usually for less than 24 hours. (There is a higher incident of the Norovirus during the months of Jan thru April.) The virus, like any type of food poisoning, can be spread through contaminated food and water. It can also spread through touching contaminated surfaces or people, and then touching your mouth. We’ve gotten reports that the virus has affected some wedding parties in recent weeks, while other wedding parties have been relatively unscathed. To minimize the chances of contracting the virus you should be even more careful than normal when traveling/flying into Mexico.
You can find more info about Norovirus on the CDC website and on Sayulita life. https://www.cdc.gov/norovirus/about/prevention.html https://www.sayulitalife.com/health-safety…
Here are some tips to help prevent getting the virus and also controlling the spread if someone in your group does contract the virus.
Contact your rental house owner/manager prior to your arrival and request that your rental be cleaned prior to your check in with bleach of the proper ratio (3/4 cup of concentrated bleach to a gallon of water). Also, ask them for bleach bottles to be available in every bathroom and kitchen. (Our community is working with a majority of home owners/rental companies regarding the necessary cleaning but it is impossible to reach every Air BnB homeowner, so if the guest makes this request it is more effective.) WASH YOUR HANDS frequently with soap and hot water, especially when you have been out and about touching things. Absolutely wash your hands before every time you eat. Don’t put your hands in your mouth. Use only bottled water for drinking and brushing teeth. Use hand sanitizer, but it does not kill the norovirus. Washing your hands is better. Eat and drink only at established tourist restaurants, not at local bars or from street vendors. (All of our recommended wedding venues/restaurants are aware of the virus and follow proper cleaning protocols.) Avoid uncooked food, like fruits and salads, unless thoroughly washed in bottled water, which established restaurants do wash all their vegetables with microdyne. Be sure all seafood is fully cooked. When using public restrooms, wash your hands before and after entering and do not touch faucets, toilet handles or doors directly, use a paper towel. Do not use cloth towels to dry your hands. Stay hydrated and boost your immune system prior to coming on holiday, we recommend that everyone bring with them: immune boosters, charcoal, anti nausea medication and electrolyte tablets.
MOST IMPORTANT: What can you do to avoid illness or if someone in your party falls ill: 1. If you have any symptoms, call the doctor immediately. We have a list of amazing highly trained doctors that do house calls and will provide hydration I.V.’s and anti nausea medication. As the symptoms of the virus hit very quickly it is very important to see the Doctor ASAP. This will usually get the person back in action with in a few hours verses a few days. Recommended Dr’s: Dr. Chavez 322 109 4179, Dr. Roberto 311 161 0586 2. Wash hands very frequently with soap and water each time you use the bathroom, after every diaper change, before eating and preparing food, and immediately upon returning to your rental after being out and about, touching things in town. 3. Soak fruits and vegetables in Microdyn (available at all of the local stores) before eating, thoroughly cook all shellfish. Freezing does not kill the virus, it must be cooked to 140 degrees Fahrenheit 60 degrees Celsius. 4. Wipe down high touch surfaces with a bleach solution (toilet and faucet handles, light switches, doorknobs, stair rails, etc.) 5. Isolate the sick person, even when feeling better, people can still be contagious and should not prepare food for others. This unfortuantly is very hard as everyone wants to be part of all the wedding events, but if an infected person does attend an event then you will run the risk of the rest of your group getting ill. A few sick people is better then everyone. 6. Notify the property manager or housekeeping staff if you need new linens, there are several laundry services in town for washing personal clothing if your rental does not have a washer and dryer for guest use. 7. If someone in your party falls ill, immediately notify the property manager or homeowner so they can alert the housekeeping staff to take extra precautions when cleaning.
The show will go on! And we hope you will all be there to celebrate with us! But we wanted you to have the facts and to let you know that we (as the Sayulita wedding professionals) are doing everything we can to educate our community and decrease the virus, so that your wedding will be fun and happy event.

OMG we are less than 2 weeks away people!! Cannot wait to see everyone!
A few updates:
1. Transportation: If you would like a car service, please refer to our travel tab to get in touch with Jose Ramos Transportation. Expect to pay $95 USD one way or $130 USD roundtrip. They have suburbans that fit up to 7 people, so that cost can be split if you are traveling with a group. Otherwise, the taxi kiosk at the airport will charge ~$50 USD - we'd recommend this if you speak spanish and feel comfortable navigating your way through the airport. Lastly, there is a shuttle that goes from the airport to Sayulita - recommended for the expert traveler and spanish speakers!

2. Cash Money: Majority of places/restaurants will take credit card, but if you plan on going into the market/street vendors, it would be helpful to get some cash from ATM or airport to get the best exchange rate. Don't forget to call your banks & let them know you'll be traveling out of the country!

3. Cell phones: There should be Wi-Fi access at all of your villas/rentals, as well as cafes in town, but it would be helpful to call your company and make sure you are able to do international calling. We also want you all to call/text/email us during the trip with any and all questions!
Jackie cell: 219-689-3550; Bryan cell: 630-605-4091

Hi Everyone! We hope you are getting excited to join us in Mexico soon! As a reminder, you should probably have your flight and accomodations at this point, be sure to check out the travel tab to start securing private transportation to and from the airport. Some villas may include this in their price, so be sure to check it out with the villa contact person. Also, don't forget to renew those passports! We don't want anyone getting stuck at customs :) See you all in just 5 short weeks!!

Stacey Meacham