Wedding Party

Dennis & Julie Streeter

Parents of the Bride

Dino Tinajero & Maria del Carmen Tinajero

Parents of the Groom

Michelle Verduzco


Michelle aka "Tia Michelle" is Jackie's Aunt. She currently lives in Teotitlan, Oaxaca, Mexico where she has coined the phrase EBIO (Everything is better in Oaxaca). She is an ordained minister and will be officiating the ceremony.

Katelyn Streeter

Matron of Honor

Katelyn is Jackie's sister-in-law and has known her since she started dating Steven in Spain. Steve called Jackie after meeting Kata and said, "I met the coolest girl ever - she only has one kidney!" Jackie was a little skeptical of her brother's excitement, but knew she was going to be the best "sestra" as soon as she met her. Kata is a beautiful, free-spirited, hard-core feminist (girl power!) that Jackie looks up to. Katelyn has always been there for Jackie and there was no hesitation in asking her to be her Matron of Honor!

Jennifer Streeter

Maid of Honor

Jennifer aka "Boo" is Jackie's younger sister, and although 9 years younger, she is still Jackie's best bud. Boo is a confident, gorgeous, opiniated, and fashionable hermana that Jackie loves hanging out with. When they are together, they can laugh literally about anything! She will always be there for Jackie and vice versa - no question that she would be standing next to Jackie on her biggest day!

Steven Streeter


Steve is Jackie's older brother that currently lives in Minneapolis with his wife Katelyn and their beautiful daughter. Steven has always been the protective, fun, loving big bro to Jackie, even when she was the annoying freshman while he was the cool senior in high school. During PA school, Jackie was able to be Steve & Katelyn's roomie for 6 weeks in Minneapolis - best. summer. ever. Steve is laid-back, loyal, and hilarious brochacho. Jackie had no second thoughts in making Steve and Miguel her BROSMAIDS.

Miguel Streeter


Miguel is Jackie's younger brother who is a junior in high school at La Lumiere. He is 10 years younger than Jackie and naturally keeps her updated on all of the hippest and latest dance moves. Watch out for him on the dance floor - TRUST! Miguel is a caring, selfless broski with a huge heart. BROMAID 4 LYFE!

Steve Tinajero


Steve is one of Bryan's older brothers. Steve currently lives in Mexico city studying mechanical-electrical engineering at Monterrey Tech. Steve has always been there for Bryan. Steve was able to show Bryan the ropes, whether it was 6th grade or freshman year. Steve is a chill guy and loves to read a good book on his free time. Bryan is excited to have him by his side on this special day.

Dino Tinajero


Dino is Bryan's oldest bro. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife Vanea and two boys, Dario and Danilo. Bryan always remembers borrowing Dino's cool cars for every dance in highschool as long as the car was washed it was a deal :) Dino is outgoing and confident and will be sure to light up the dance floor on the wedding night.

Daniel Tinajero


Daniel is the youngest of the Tinajero boys. He is a recent graduate from Aurora University with a Computer Science degree. He is a funny guy who can mistakenly be confused with Bryan- Twins! As kids, Daniel would follow his big bro Bryan around everywhere they went. They have a friendly rivalry when it comes to video games and sports, which makes every game that much funner. Bryan is excited to have him there on this big day.

Zoe Rae Streeter

Flower Girl/Child

Zoe Rae is Jackie's new niece! She is the daughter of Steven & Katelyn Streeter. Although she is small, she is a fierce little girl! Bryan and Jackie have had the opportunity to watch Zoe grow and can't wait to have her in their wedding.

Amelia Rose

Flower Girl/Child

Amelia Rose is the daughter of Jaime & Ryan Hollis, Jackie's cousin. She is a sweet, inquisitive, adorable little girl. Bryan and Jackie are lucky to have her a part of their big day!

Joan Machuca

Flower Girl/Child

Joan is Jackie's great aunt and will be one of the flower children! She is full of great energy, positive vibes, and always loves to have a great time. She will be the first to start a tango dance!

Connie Verduzco

Flower Girl/Child

Connie is Jackie's grandma. She is the matriarch of the family and the glue that holds us all together. She is full of life and loves a good martini on Saturdays! Jackie and Bryan are lucky to have her part of their big day!

Dario & Danilo

Ring Bearer

Dario and Danilo are Bryan's nephews. They are very smart, active, cute young boys that live in Toronto with their parents, Dino & Vanea.

Ryan Hollis


Ryan Hollis is the husband of Jaime Hollis, Jackie's cousin. Ryan is outgoing, very funny, and like a brother to both Jackie and Bryan. Watch out for his moves on the dance floor!

Omar de la Hoya


Omar is one of Bryan's longest friends. They went to Waubonsee college together and have stayed close ever since. Omar is a very loyal, funny, and caring friend! Bryan is lucky to have him as a friend!
Stacey Meacham